Saturday, June 6, 2009

Needful Things - "Dead Point" CD

product : Needful Things - "Dead Point" CD
note : After inflicting deadly blows on my manhood with the latest nu-grind albums of Alienation Mental and Cerebral Turbulency, I had little courage and reason to expect anything different from Czech Republic's Khaaranus Productions. So when my limp hands fell upon their release of Needful Things' debut, at best I expected just another watered down hardcore/metalcore/nu-metal influenced grind band. As per the ritual, I sighed while slipping the disc in my player, stretched my body in case some contrived frolicking was required, and pressed play. What transpired next made me strongly empathise with the victims of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki nuclear bombing. A fiery blast so devastative that it wipes off all traces of flesh from your body. Suddenly mutilated grind zombies are passé and skeletons are in vogue. The formally presented ones that you see on their artwork are probably their listeners lined up and photographed just before their burial.
A bulldozing grind inferno is what you will be dealing with here. Instead of Nasum, think along the lines of the focussed intense grindcore of Rotten Sound and the Swiss blastcore band Mumakil, then throw in some gnashing old school madness of early Napalm Death along with a few Harmony Corruption era tunes, and finally weigh down the music with the grovelling grind of Excruciating Terror and early Nyctophobic. In short, contemporary blistering grindcore meets old-fashioned doggedness. Chaotic and explosive as it may seem, the music is very much in control and seems to go somewhere instead of dancing all over the place. As a matter of fact, the only direction in which Needful Things move is towards you, and that they do with considerable speed even though the sheer immensity of their size and the constant trailing cloud of debris behind them makes them look sluggish.More emphasis is laid on the riffs than on the speed, with every song having its own set of riffs and moments that just about distinguish it from the next one. Their bulk however obscures most of it. Maintaining a grim mood, the riffs lumber through the carnage that is created mostly by the thrashing of the cymbals and subdued snare pummelling, occasionally bending to pick up sprightly crust influences on the way before composure is invariably regained. Always insistent, the guitar tone is humongous: in the opening of “Disease of Mind/True Lie” it feels like an ocean liner is trying to slide over your body. It is also an excellent song featuring powerful Barney Napalm Death hooks with fitting growls, heavy crustiness in the vein of Extreme Noise Terror, a skin-rippling bass solo, and later pensive tunes that are reminiscent of Skitsystem. In addition to the standard scorching screams, the vocals comprise fiery wide-mouthed roars that all but engulf you in their delivery.A rejuvenating change from the weak tinny grindcore bands that you hear a lot today, Dead Point is a seriously good grindcore album that doesn't require Nasum-esque moshy parts or melodies like on the new Splitter album to sustain your attention – it manages to do that purely on the merit of its riffs and rare ballsy character. Indeed, Khaaranus have redeemed themselves by releasing a no-frills, face-ripping grindcore album this fucking good. -
item location : Kluang
condition : new , good
price : RM20(not includes postage)

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