Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shonen Knife - "Let's Knife" CD

product : Shonen Knife - "Let's Knife" CD
note : This 1993 release was Shonen Knife's first for a major label. The Japanese trio of sisters Naoko and Atsuko Yamano and their friend Michie Nakatani re-recorded a number of their earlier songs, all in English, in the band's first stab at gaining ... Full Description larger audience. The tracks were produced by the band and then mixed in England by Craig Leon, who brought everything to a frothy pitch, combining the buzz-saw attack of the Ramones with the coloring of contemporary production techniques (programmed drums are deployed on some selections). Fan favorites here revisited include "Twist Barbie," "Flying Jelly Attack," "Burning Farm," and "Bear Up Bison." This set provides a wonderful look back at Shonen Knife's first decade. For '90s high points, check out HAPPY HOUR and BRAND NEW KNIFE.
item location : Kluang
condition : used , good
price : RM20(not includes postage)

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