Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lowfat - "Fresh Wasabi For Rotting Sushis" CD

product : Lowfat - "Fresh Wasabi For Rotting Sushis" CD
note : Do you know that the occidentals who want to travel to Thailand have to take little white pills to make the water drinkable?? Yes, because without those pills, our dear internal organs are not protected against a list of pathology as long as the world record of grape-throwing (99,82m). But the secret stays answerless: on the first hand, the guys of LOW FAT are not occidentals, on the second hand, the list of pathology does not include illness like psychosis, schizophrenia, or hysteria that could explain this violence, this rage and this hate recorded on this "fresh wasabi for rotting sushis..The music LOW FAT oscillates between crust, hardcore (the true hardcore!) and old death grind. As you can guess it, the compositions are simple and respectful of the old punk/crust manifests, with an "elastic" drumming, and some punky rhythms ("take you down to the empty side"). the vocalist, with his yelling voice, could make you think to a mix between DRI and GBH, with the "asiatic" touch! The fan of very virile crustcore like in the Scandinavian vein (DISFEAR and so on) will regret the punk side, that is still really present. Of course the band is not a bunch of honey pop music, but they do a "fluidier" music as a DRILLER KILLER for example. We stay in a vein of quick punk, with some grind accelerations, that make you think EXTREM NOISE TERROR, slower but effective...This fucking piece just kills, you can listen it 40 times without to feel bored, usually the crust is more something the makes your skull empty one time, but here you can crush your brain 100 times if you want! the only concern is the very long track ("take you down to the empty side"-10'33") with only one line of text and a very fast drum part, that can makes you dubitative...To sum up: and excellent album, short and effective, but without makes your head as a kinball ball (1.28 m diameter)"
"Have you ever taste the wasabi? Its like our mustard, but japanese.
Its serve with sushis and in the kind of burning head, wahou, its very hot, an little bite like this band.I think dont have false if i say than this band are influenced by japan.Somethings are out from the japan culture like the artwork and i think than some text are in japan too.And for the sound, directly from the Japcore... with some touch of UK punk, Scandinavian HxC at the frontlines of the crust/D-Beat and metal.Its very quick and direct! LOWFAT or how made an wall of sound in 25 minutes!The barked sing perfectly glue at the speed of the music.The rythmic are non-stop and the guitar very bass. Some elements are more "destroy", others more heavy.Very nervous, with an mind to be different : an song have an lenght of 10 minutes with only 1 riff, who are repeated at the the brainwash, LOWFAT are champion. No head breakage with the lirycs same if all are not axed on the fun.That remind me some bands like RAISE CAN, NA√úSEA, SPITFIRE, GAUZE, DRI, VARUCKERS...An production very sympathic!"
item location : Kluang
condition : new , good
price : RM20(not includes postage)

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