Saturday, April 18, 2009

Germ Attack - "OUROBOROS" 19songs CD

product : Germ Attack - "OUROBOROS" 19songs CD
note : GERM ATTACK is the stud‐spiked HARDCORE PUNK group from QUEBEC, CANADA featuring the drummer Joe also known as the member of TRIOXIN 245, BASTARDATOR. After the demo and few EPs, the first album is finally out! TOTAL UK/DK 1983 taste, early DISORDER! PERDITION! CHAOS UK! MOHAWK! RAW AS FUCK CIDER FULL DISTORTION DAMAGING EAR NOISECORE PUNK AS FUCK CHAOTIC DESTRUCTION! 19 trax, The vinyl version will be self released and CD version out from MCR. A must for all true PUNX! AARRRGHHH!!!!
item location : Kluang
condition : new , good
price : RM22(not includes postage)

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