Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Dast - "Put Up OR Shut Up" CD

product : The Dast - "Put Up OR Shut Up" CD
note : TOKYO ROCKIN' DYNAMITE CORE/THRASH!!! Formed in 1993 with 3 guys : Kouta Nonaka, Yuuki Murasawa and Takayuki Katsumata, they'd been played for 2 years until changing their name to YAMANEKO. But after a while, in the day of 2003, they returned to the scene as THE DAST again releasing 2 demo CD-R "THE DAST" and "SHIMENSOKA". In 2005 they got new member GANA(ex-GAIA, now also in PLASTIC NINE) as a singer and became more active as a 4 piece band, releaseing another demo CD-R "STAY HUNGRY". And now in 2006, their debut 5 tracks CD "PUT UP OR SHUT UP" is finally out!!! Just be frightened at THE DAST's violent & emotional sound!!!
item location : Kluang
condition : new , good
price : RM20(not includes postage)

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