Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chispas - "Relax! Nothing is Under Control" CD

product : Chispas - "Relax! Nothing is Under Control" CD
note : "We are glad to support such a great anarcho-punk band. This one is a long-awaited new album of Americano-German anarcho-punk band CHISPAS. They play anarcho-punk sound that give priority to the melody, and it is raw & rough but very powerful. We felt it like the sound in the middle of Lost World and Harum-Scarum. The political lyrics of personal expression with energy also are inspirational. They reclaim the life that we lead and the life for which we hope from all the lying things and persons who has power that rules it to obscure our existence. Only the Acclaim's distribution puts a Japanese translations of their lyrics. This CD version is co-released with Tofu Guerrilla, Behind The Scenes and Soroll. "

item location : Kluang
condition : new , good
price : RM18(not includes postage)

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